Did you know superstition deems Thursdays the luckiest day to move house?

With August historically the busiest month for moving home, The Alarm People’s security experts have derided the fanciful superstitions and insisted on some serious advice about a safe and secure move to your new home.

Use this handy guide to help cover all the bases when you move home, including installing or upgrading a home security system. There are countless jobs to remember to do for moving day; it’s easy to let home security slip.

With so many of your belongings boxed up and labelled in neat packages, and lots of items being bought to furnish your new home do be aware that a ‘sold’ sign can be an invitation to burglars! Getting a working security alarm system set up in your new home is one of the easier and more immediate types of cover to arrange.

Once you have exchanged contracts, book The Alarm People in to advise on the best way to ensure continuous home security. This might be installation of a new security system with or without police monitoring, or help to get your existing burglar alarm in good working order.

Our security engineers have put together their top tips to ensure your new home is safe and secure from the day your get your keys:

  1. Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure your batteries are up to date and wired systems are in good working order.
  2. Check your doors – are they solid and do they have a secure, working locking mechanism? If not, make this a priority before the day is done.
  3. Secure your windows. Windows are one of the most common entry points for burglars so make sure they all close and lock securely. It’s also a good idea to get curtains and blinds up asap – even if they are not the right size or the ones you intend to keep long term. This will prevent prying eyes from temptation.
  4. Check your fences for gaps and add locks to gates.
  5. Meet your neighbours! Once your neighbours know who you are they will be able recognise who should and should not be gaining access to your property. Likewise, you’ll recognise who should or should not be walking up your garden path much more quickly.
  6. Change your locks. It is difficult to know who may have been given keys to your new house in the past so to be sure you and your family are the only ones with access get those locks changed. It’s surprising how many people don’t do this!
  7. And finally, install a home security system or have the one you inherited serviced and access codes or fobs changed immediately. A good alarm company will work with you to coordinate a new security system installation or takeover on the day you move or very soon after. CCTV can be an extra deterrent that can give you peace of mind when you are away.

Get in touch for an informal chat about how to tackle your home security when you move home.