We offer flexible arrangements of Monitored Alarms to suit your requirements: police, keyholder or audible

Depending on your needs, The Alarm People offer two types of monitored alarms or a simple, locally audible system.

Police or Keyholder Response alarms are linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) by single or dual path signalling systems such as Redcare or Dualcom.

  • Police response alarms provide complete coverage for your property.  This type of system links your alarm to the Alarm Receiving Centre who will contact you and the police should a confirmed signal from intruder or panic alarm devices be received from your premises.
  • Keyholder response alarms will send a signal to the Alarm Receiving Centre, who will in turn contact your designated keyholder.  Your keyholder, most often the owner, manager or site manager of the property, can then take appropriate action.
  • Simple, locally audible alarms are not monitored by the Alarm Receiving Centre, but can act as a good deterrent to intruders, especially in densely populated areas.  However, should the alarm be activated, no one will be called to attend.

Our engineers can help you to decide which level of monitoring is right for you. For more information on alarm monitoring, we recommend reading this article.

For more information, Telephone: 01329 822044 or Email: info@thealarmpeople.net

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